Music video producers and directors will now receive royalties in Kenya

After the partnership of Audio Visual Rights Society of Kenya (AVRIM) and Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) on 9 September, 2017, it is much certain that Kenyan music video producers and directors will now receive compensation for their work.

“Kenya is a little behind when it comes to realizing intellectual property rights especially in music,” said Liz Lenjo of AVRIM. “We have not been incentivizing music video directors and producers. We are now telling Kenyans it’s about time to start appreciating…how they bring music videos to life, their ingenuity in keeping us entertained.”

Said Chinedu Chukwuji of COSON: “The partnership suggests that the successful concept that is being used in Nigeria should be adopted in Kenya. “Whatever natural resources we have as a nation like minerals will someday dry up, but one treasure that will never dry up is the mind. You can never stop mining the treasure of the mind. Some of the wealthiest people we have today are those that trade in intellectual property.

“One of the things we would want to see entrenched in Kenya is that owners of musical videos begin to earn income from their creations. Music videos celebrate and uplift our culture and history, these creators deserve some sort of compensation, if you don’t the ink of ingenuity will disappear because there is no moral booster. You can’t pick their material and put it on your platform and say go home and God bless you, they have families and that is their pension.”

The development has been received well in Kenya. Speaking to Music In Africa, music producer and director Patrick Og’engo, popularly known as Sapat, said, “This is a great milestone for us in the industry because we have been in the shadows for too long. In 2017 a song without a music video cannot sell on television or online, people appreciate visuals. So you can see that the role we contribute towards the success of musicians is huge.”

According to Sapat, other persons involved in music video production, should also be recognised. “Musicians are always credited for best videos whereas the brains behind the video creation are not equally recognized,” he said. “I would also request AVRIM to come up with a log sheet for music video producers and directors.”

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