King Promise to face lawsuit over contract with Dubai investor

Yasmin Behzadi -I have spent over $150,000 on King Promise’s career 

Yasmin Behzadi has claimed that she invested a sum of $150,000 into King Promise’ music career and has threatened to sue him.

She is now crying of neglect, saying since King Promise became popular, he has “not even given me a call”  Yasmin said she was going to take a legal action against King Promise and his new management.

According to the Dubai-based businesswoman, after all the huge investments to help build King Promise’s career and to make him successful, the hitmaker has ignored her completely.

Yasmin, is also credited as the one behind Sarkodie’s clothing line, Sark Collection. She is furious that King Promise does not recognise her for her immense contribution to his career. She has thus threatened to take legal action against the talented ‘Selfish’ hitmaker.

Yasmin reportedly vented her anger and disappointment in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM on Friday, October 19, 2018.

Narrating how she met King Promise, Yasmin said she met the musician, who was then called Boy P, through Sarkodie.

Yasmin said they met at a hotel and “after listening to [him], I felt he’s got the talent” and so she decided to sign him.

She continued that, after signing him and helping change his name from Boy P to King Promise, she set up YB Records to help push King Promise’s music.

According to her, she spent in excess of $150,000 on high budget music videos shoots in Dubai, travelling, expenses, luxury cars, Hollywood producers, and promotions.

She said she even turned her house into a studio just for the singer, adding that “I have all the evidence”. Yasmin said she forewarned King Promise never to betray her and it was unfortunate that “people forget where they come from [and] who helped them”, and further advised young talents not to be “disloyal” and “ungrateful”.

Asked what might have gone wrong in their relationship, the businesswoman said the singer started making outrageous demands after they met Killbeatz to record Afrobeat songs.

She alleged that King Promise started asking for $10,000 to promote his songs. “They were giving me a huge budget for promotions…which didn’t make sense to me,” she claimed.

Yasmin said after she complained about the demands, then the musician decided to cut her off and started working with Killbeatz.

“Till today, [King] Promise hasn’t given me a call,” she lamented. 

Asked if she believes King Promise is her artiste, she said, “I believe he is still signed to me…I have decided to keep quiet…” Yasmin told Andy Dosty that she met King Promise’s new management and told them that he was her artiste but they had kept her in the dark.

She revealed that some of her works for the singer included ‘Thank God’, which features Fuse ODG.

When Andy Dosty inquired if she had ever had a sexual relationship King Promise, Yasmin, outraged by the question responded, “are you crazy?” and added “he is not my age; he is like family.”

For her next line of action, she said she will take legal action against the musician soon.


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