VGMA 2017 – highlights you may have missed last year

The 19th VGMAs are coming up before we let excitement of this year settle let’s remember some lows of the last year.
You already know who won what. We don’t care about that.

Read some happenings which we can’t forget.
1. Medikal looked dapper however he went home empty handed despite 7 nominations. The Ghanaian mermaid decided to be the supportive lady she is. She held him down!
One kalypo two biscuit style.

  1. 2. Kuvie made one Onukpa famous and Elikem was mad about it. Why? Elike says the design is his. I beg have we not seen at various events. We love your inspiration Mr. Kumodzi.

3. We found out about the born 1 virgin Fancy Gadam sings about.Nope we didn’t but that jam won him discovery of the year.

4. The emojis which came to life. Shouts to the BAR.

We hear he is a free ranger now.


5.we found a trio who reminded us of cartoons. What cartoons exactly?


6. Auntie McBrown  walked out holding her heels. Girls abr3Girls abr3.

7.Runtown made ghana history with just one hit song and Eazi still made greater waves all over the world. No comment.

8. Stephanie Benson did her thing. Forever it will remain her thing.

9.We found the golden goose with the golden eggs.

10. Someone got a smack on her bum while climbing up the stage to receive her award.  If you watch the video again you just might see. Shouts to one Kwame.


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