MUST READ: The mystery of one’s desire

There is a saying in pidgin language that goes like this “na bad thing wey sweet pass” hilarious as it may seem, a wealth of truth can be pawed from this statement. You see a child who has had an alarming number of tooth removed, due to his or her faithful love for chocolate, and yet, would dance in glee at the prospect of having another.

But you don’t witness the same enthusiasm when rice and beans is being announced, only grumbling and resistance. To the child, everything else pales in comparison to the treasured chocolate.

Or when your mother has finished preparing a wonderful pot of soup, and you sneak into the kitchen when no one is at close distance, you approach the pot that has all sorts of tongue drooling scents wafting from its depths, and then you take one forbidden chunk of meat, knowing that your doom will follow if you are caught.

But still you take the risk, relishing the taste of the meat, for at that moment, the stolen meat taste even better than the one which is freely presented to you.

Now let’s take it a step further, I’m a lover of milk, a devoted one at that; if my cereal isn’t buried beneath a hip load of milk, it would hold no appeal to me. Often a time, I hide when I am trying to have some with my cereal or even to soak with garri, because I know that if I am caught, I would never hear the end of it.

And this milk that I love to distraction has caused me to purge at an alarming rate on numerous occasions, but still I can’t get enough of it. To me it is paradise to my tongue, and anyone who tries to come between me and my milk is seen as an enemy.

But why, why can’t I love bitter-leaf soup that way, for it is highly nutritious and would serve me richly to a positive extent, while my excessive intake of milk will only lead me to a woeful end. Desire, a thing of mystery, for try as we might, we cannot fathom its essence.

We find ourselves drawn to the very things that may somehow lead to us whining in despair at the aftereffect. Which begs the question? Why do we find ourselves seduced by pleasures laced with warning labels? Why not cling to that which is safe and promises no form of drawbacks? It Boggles the mind, but as the saying goes ‘the heart wants what it wants, even that which is worst for it.’

By Enyinnia Chigozirim Esther

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